Tudor Rose Woodturners

Demonstrator Reviews

Robin Barlow - 23rd March 2023

Last Thursday we were entertained by professional turner Robin Barlow. Robin produced an ash bowl and decorated the outside of the bowl using a bead forming tool. The bowl was reversed and the bead forming tool was again used on face of the bowl. The whole bowl was then sprayed with ebonising laquer and dried using a hair dryer! Following this the bowl was rubbed with liming wax and the wax rubbed off when dry to leave a pleasing finish on the piece. The centre of the bowl was then turned out and finished by use of U Beaut Australian wax/grit sanding followed by a microchrystaline wax finish. Following this project,in response from an audience request Robin demonstrated turning of an egg using a jam chuck, The demonstration was well received and terminated at 9.45pm.

Steve Heeley - Thursday 23rd February 2023

Once again we had Steve Heeley demonstrating at the club. As usual, he gave a superb demonstration, this time making a pestle and mortar. Although he maintained that it was utalitarian when he completed the project, the finish was absolutely superb. Steve took time to demonstrate the cuts necessary to complete the project and produce the finish on the piece. Following that, Steve produced a classically shaped bud vase between centres before ending the demonstration at 9.45pm. It was a marvellous demonstration of use to members of all levels. Steve will be with us again at our next show, Woodworks at Daventry, in May.

Stan Bird - Thursday 9th February 2023

Stan Bird demonstrated how he drills a hole in a piece and produces an arrow piercing effect. Stan showed how to make the arrow in one piece and by soaking the arrowhead in water was able to force the arrow through the piece and then when the arrowhead dried and expanded the arrow was unable to be withdrawn. An unusual demonstration of an unusual and useful technique which kept members entertained during the evening. A really good demonstration!

Richard Findlay - Thursday 26th January 2023

We were treated to another great demo by professional turner Richard Findley who demonstrated the making of a bowl from aboard just over 1” thick. Richard turned the bowl by making three rings of timber by cutting into the round blsnk at 45 degrees and glueing the rings together thus making blank of some 3” thickness. Richard then turned the blank to the required bowl shape and finished the bowl so that the joins were impossible to see. This was an intriguing demo and one that demonstrated Richard’s ability as one of the UKs premier turners. Finally Richard gave us a talk on his method of tool sharpening including the correct angles needed for perfect cuts. A brilliant demo enjoyed by all present.

Will Stewart - Thursday 12th January 2023

Will Stewart gave a demonstration of the use of pewter in turning. Will showed the equipment used to smelt the metal and how to apply the pewter to a wooden turning followed by the procedure for polishing and finishing the item. An entertaining and interesting demo. Thanks Will.

Emma Cook, The Tiny Turner - Thursday 24th November 2022

Last evening 24.11.22 we were treated to a great demonstration by Emma Cook “The Tiny Turner”. Emma started by turning a small bowl and produced a coloured band around the piece using a black base upon which she painted “chameleon” flakes to produce a wonderful iridescent effect. Emma then demonstrated the process of producing a crackle effect on a platter rim, using various painting techniques. Whilst the paints were drying off Emma then demonstrated her method of turning pendants from resin/Australian burr blanks, and the process of polishing the pendant.

The meeting was well attended and Emma proved to be one of our favourite demonstrators once again. Emma will be a guest demonstrator at Woodworks next May. An excellent demo and her shop proved to be popular during the tea break. The array of goods she brought with her was astonishing.

An excellent meeting!

Club Night - Thursday 10th November 2022

On the 10th November we were treated to two demos ,one by Peter Carless who made a lidded box from a piece of nondescript wood found in the store room. The box was completed in double quick time just in time for tea break. The next half of the program consisted of an excellent display of thread chasing by Martin Harper. A small pill box was completed with threaded lid and body and proved to be a popular demo.

Chris Fisher - The Blind Woodturner Thursday 27th October 2022

How on earth can the world of woodturning have a blind woodturner? Please tell me how this is possible because surely it can't happen! Well I will tell you exactly how, because this gentleman has delivered a master class on turning this evening.

We were treated to a fantastic demo by Chris Fisher the Blind Woodturner. Chris is totally blind but was still able to make a textured and coloured Japanese tea vessel. The vessel was turned and then textured by using a carving cutter mounted in a Dremel tool. The textured exterior was stained black and then coated with a gold coloured wax which gave the exterior a metallic appearance. The interior was then turned and finished with sanding sealer and Yorkshire grit with a lid to fit. The timber used was Xalia which had a stunning grain pattern.

The members present at the demo were amazed that Chris was able to achieve such a standard, and indeed exceed the standard of a professional turner despite his huge disability. It was a wonderful experience for the club.

Many thanks once again Chris and we can't wait to have you back here with us.

Chris Fisher - The Blind Woodturner