Tudor Rose Woodturners

Monthly Competitions

The winning pieces will feature on next years' show stand and the creator will win a bottle of wine!!!

Date Project 1st 2nd 3rd
November 2023 Platter
October 2023 Box
September 2023 Set Of Scoope
August 2023 Tazza Peter Briggs Gerry Will Stewart
July 2023 Sugar Shaker Stephen Brown
June 2023 Clock Roger Howard Garry Jones Will Stewart
April 2023 Earring Holder
March 2023 Sowing Dolly
February 2023 Yarn Bowl Stan Bird Peter Carless
January 2023 Darning Mushrooms Peter Carless Peter Briggs
12 Months Competition Best Turned Item 2022 Roger Howard
December Competition Xmas Decoration Steve Goodwin
October Chairman's Challenge Clock John Johnson
July 2021 Gavel & Base Bryan Brumfield Peter Carless Stan Bird
June 2021 Clock Terry Pye David Colclough Keith Bond
May 2021 Candlesticks Roger Howard Keith Bond Will Stewart
April 2021 Will Stewart
March 2021 Box Derrick Middleton Will Stewart Keith Bond
February 2021 Offset Figurine Stan Bird
January 2021 Pendant Martin Harper
23rd April 2020 Figurine
26th March 2020 Clock
27th February 2020 Piece Of Fruit Will Stewart
23rd January 2020 Pair Of Candle Sticks Will Stewart
19th December 2019 Xmas Decoration Peter Carless
28th November 2019 Box Roger Howard
24th October 2019 Cancelled By-Election
26th September 2019 Tea Lights Gerald Hubbard
22nd August 2019 Coloured Platter Kevin Devine
25th July 2019 Bud Vase Stan Bird